Residential Battery

IELD customers are eligible to receive rebates for residential battery installation,  $750.00 per household! 

The rebates and incentives for the program are intended to make the purchase of battery systems easier for residents in exchange for sharing the battery capacity to help keep electric costs lower for all Ipswich Electric Light Department customers.

According to the Department of Energy: Residential solar energy systems paired with battery storage—generally called solar-plus-storage systems—provide power regardless of the weather or the time of day without having to rely on backup power from the grid. Here are the benefits of a solar-plus-storage system:

  • Around-the-clock power. If you use the utility billing mechanism known as time-of-use, and don’t have a solar energy system, your electricity in the evening is likely more expensive because of the higher demand on the system. With battery storage, however, you can use electricity generated during the day later on, rather than relying on the utility for power. This is also useful if you live in an area with frequent power outages.
  • Pocketbook protection. If your utility raises electricity rates, you can avoid that with a battery. Battery storage lets you leverage low-cost energy that has already been generated and stored, ensuring your rates stay low and don’t affect your monthly budget. In some cases, you can even sell the energy you’re storing back to the grid when the rates are higher and bank the profit.
  • Better monitoring. A solar-plus-storage system can help you to better track the energy your system is generating through monitoring capabilities, providing an enhanced level of transparency and precision. These systems allow you to track the energy your home is producing and using in real time.
  • More energy self-sufficiency. While most jurisdictions require homes to be connected to their local utility even if they don't use any electricity from the utility, a solar-plus-storage system takes you closer to “off the grid” status. Battery storage means you don’t have to rely on your utility to deliver electricity to your home most days of the year. And you can always keep some battery capacity in reserve, so that if the power goes out in your neighborhood, your house will be the one with the lights on.

Residential Battery Rebates

Ipswich Electric Light Department offers rebates on residential lithium-ion battery systems. To qualify, batteries must be Duracell, Emporia, Sonnen, or Generac PWRCell brands and have a minimum storage capacity of 7.5 kilowatt-hours (kWh). Eligibility for the rebate requires enrollment in the Connected Homes program where additional incentives of $30/month for participation in peak events are available.

Qualification       Amount
  • Minimum capacity 7.5 kWh, 
  • Maximum battery size 20 kWh
  • Battery MUST be enrolled in the Connected Homes Program prior to submitting rebate application