Housing Programs

Working to bring housing within reach for everyone.
Ipswich Housing Program is a part of the Department of Planning and Development. The Housing Program strives to assist people with affordable housing issues such as availability, accessibility, opportunity, choice, and diversity. The Housing Program assists in finding, building, and repairing affordable housing by working with individuals, families, nonprofits and developers. 
The Ipswich Housing Partnership (IHP) and the Affordable Housing Trust Fund Board (AHTFB) are motivated and compassionate groups dedicated to helping individuals and families obtain and remain in affordable housing. The IHP and AHTFB hold that a diverse community is a vibrant and flourishing community.

Affordable Housing

Strict definition: housing affordable to households earning 80% or less of regional median household income. Broader view: any housing preservation/ creation that results in more opportunities for persons of moderate means to live in Ipswich. 

Using the link below, you
 will be able to apply for state-aided public housing and the Alternative Housing Voucher Program (AHVP), and you will also be able to find any existing applications you may have. If you have questions, please ask staff at your local housing authority to help you.


First Time Buyers Loan Program
 Through this program, assistance is available that can be used for down payments, legal costs, closing costs, or repairs. Loans are 0% interest and require no monthly payment. Loans that come from the Ipswich Affordable Housing Trust Fund are for 15 years with no interest and no monthly payments, but these must be ultimately repaid. Click 
here for the application.

Home Rehabilitation Loan Program 

Cash for home repairs for low and moderate income seniors, veterans, handicapped, and others. This program is designed to offer assistance to homeowners who otherwise would not be able to afford to make necessary repairs. This program offers loans ($10,000-$30,000) to income-qualified homeowners who wish to make repairs to their homes. Sources for these loans include federal HOME, the Ipswich Affordable Housing Trust Fund, and the Coburn Charitable Society. HOME loans can be forgiven if the owner stays in the home for ten years; others need to be repaid (loan obligation is in effect until sale or transfer, re-finance, or death). Click here for the Home Rehabilitation Loan Application.
Home Modification Loan Program
The Home Modification Loan Program helps families and individuals modify their homes for improved accessibility to allow family members living in the home who are elderly or disabled to continue living independently. Please click here for the application. 


For more information about affordable housing please contact:

 Affordable Housing Coordinator
 978.356.6607 ext.5

Read more - Ipswich Housing Partnership Brochure