Housing Programs

We help bring housing within reach for everyone.

The Town's Housing Programs (a program within the Department of Planning and Development) help make housing accessible to low and moderate-income people. We help find it, get it built, repair it, and ensure it's at reasonable cost for years to come.

We, the people of the Ipswich Housing Partnership and the Affordable Housing Trust Fund Board, are a group of highly motivated, compassionate citizens who are dedicated to helping individuals and families enjoy housing they can afford. We understand that offering this kind of help also results in a more vibrant and successful community--one with a healthy diversity of incomes and talents, backgrounds and ages. It makes the fabric of the life we share in this unique town richer, stronger and more colorful.

We especially want to help if you grew up here or if you work here. And we do our best to help developers create more of the kind of housing that works for everyone. Because we believe in an Ipswich that works for everyone.
Our Housing Programs are a successful collaboration between the above committees and the staff of the Town's Department of Planning and Development. For more information about housing related projects please visit the Current Projects page on the Planning Division webpage.