GIS & Mapping

About GIS

GIS or Geographic Information Systems is mapping technology that uses computers to collect, store, manipulate, analyze and display data.

Ipswich Online Mapping

Visit the Town's online mapping service:
Interactive Online Maps is an Internet-based mapping service that publishes Ipswich mapping resources online. Query Manager Online is helping communities share their parcel data which enables homeowners and real estate professionals to query, browse, report and print maps from their own computers. This easy to use online mapping supports a variety of municipal functions, provides a platform for police and school collaboration, and creates a connection between town government, local businesses, and communities.

Online Tax Maps

View the Town of Ipswich PDF Tax Maps online.

Cross-Departmental Cooperation

GIS in Ipswich is an evolving technology that has become an important component of many projects. The Utilities and Public Works departments have taken an active role in the development of GIS for Ipswich, working with consultants to update the water, sewer and drainage systems.

As the GIS technology grows the Town of Ipswich can better provide its employees with tools to serve citizens with accurate location information and services. Several other departments such as Planning, Conservation, Open Space, and Police are also using GIS for project development and as an aid in responding to citizens requests.

The Information Technology Department oversees the maintenance for the town's GIS databases, online mapping solution, and client applications.

Please contact for all GIS information requests or if you have any questions or comments related to the GIS in the Town of Ipswich.