Curbside Composting

Got Food Scraps? Join the curbside composting program. 

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Feeling bad about putting food waste, kitty litter and dirty paper (napkins, paper towels, pizza disks) in your trash?

Join the Curbside Compost Program!

Toss all of your food scraps, houseplants, pizza boxes and much more in a cart for curbside pickup and reduce your trash by up to 40%.

This program picks up organics at your curb each Wednesday. Participants receive a free 12-gallon, wheeled collection cart with a locking lid. 

And participants are eligible to take up to 50 gallons of finished compost twice per year (available for pickup at the transfer station).

This quick video answers the Why, What and How of Composting

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¿Tiene restos de comida? Únase al programa de compostaje en la acera. 

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¡Envíe todos sus restos de comida, plantas de interior, cajas de pizza y más en un carrito para que lo recojan en la acera! 

Este rápido vídeo responde al Por qué, el qué y el cómo del compostaje. 

El programa de recogida de compostaje en la acera. 


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