Regulations for Horses on Crane Beach

Regulations Governing the Riding of Horses at Crane Beach

Richard T. Crane, Jr. Memorial Reservation, Ipswich, Massachusetts

  1. Horses and horseback riding will be allowed from October 1 to March 31.
  3. Horses owned by Ipswich residents and non-residents will be allowed access to the beach from October 1 to March 31, seven days per week.
  4. To protect the safety of the public, 50 horses will generally be considered the optimum number to be allowed access to the beach per day. This number may be decreased or increased at the discretion of the beach manager on duty based upon the number of people using the beach. When there are large numbers of visitors, all horses may be denied access to the property.
  5. A current horse van sticker, permanently attached to the horse van in a conspicuous location, will be required for access to the beach parking lot. Horse vans displaying the Ipswich horse van sticker must park in the Ipswich parking lot. Horse vans displaying The Trustees of Reservations horse van sticker must park in The Trustees of Reservations parking lot. Horse van stickers must be acquired annually.
  6. Persons not eligible to receive an Ipswich horse van sticker must purchase a sticker from The Trustees of Reservations.
  7. Applicants for horse van stickers from The Trustees of Reservations can be obtained at
  8. Issued with The Trustees of Reservations horse van sticker will be a copy of the regulations for the Richard T. Crane, Jr. Memorial Reservation and these special regulations governing horseback riding at Crane Beach. A special telephone number will also be issued so that sticker holders may call Crane Beach for information concerning riding conditions, tides, the number of pedestrians on the beach, and possible access problems.
  9. Every private owner of horses, to whom a sticker is granted, must accept responsibility for the conduct not only of his animal or animals, but as well for the conduct of any rider of the Same .
  10. A major purpose of the Reservation during the off-season is to provide undisturbed recreational walking for individuals or small groups, and riders of horses are required to defer to the convenience and safety of such pedestrians.
  11. Riders of horses at a trot, canter, or gallop are required to check their horses to a well controlled walk whenever they approach pedestrians, and to show the pedestrian every courtesy and consideration, in passing.
  12. All permit holders are required to clean up any horse manure and shavings dropped from the trailer upon arrival or departure from the parking lot.
  13. Any handling of horses that jeopardizes the safety of others using the property or which threatens any of its fragile natural resources or which disturbs the tranquility of the Reservation is strictly prohibited.
  14. It is strongly urged that horseback riding on weekends or holidays, when more that an ordinary number of pedestrians may be on the Reservation, be voluntarily limited to the early morning hours. While such hours cannot be strictly defined, because of variations of season, weather, and tides, discretion on the part of permit holding horse owners is expected. Information concerning riding conditions, tides, and the number of pedestrians on the beach can be obtained by calling 978-412-2589 from 8 a.m. until 20 minutes before sunset.
  15. Violations of any Crane Beach regulations may result in a sticker holder being notified in writing by the Director of the Crane Estate that their sticker has been revoked and that they no longer have riding privileges at Crane Beach.
  16. Crane Beach closes at sunset. Riders and mounts must leave the property prior to this time.