Building & Occupancy Permits

Plans Review
Before applying to the Building Department for a building permit, bring 3 sets of plans to the Fire Prevention Office for approval. The fire prevention officer will review plans for fire protection features that may be required for your particular building. These may include smoke detection and fire alarms systems, Fire Department access, fire suppression systems, water supply, fire extinguishers, and smoke control. Architects should include these items on their plans. One set of approved plans will remain with the department and 2 will be returned to you for submission to the Building Inspector with the application.

Plans generally require Fire Department review when they are for new buildings, or additions / alterations where the buildings uses will be changed, or a bedroom or new floor will be added.

Final Inspection
Once the building is completed, again contact the fire prevention office 978-356-6631 to arrange for a final inspection. We will inspect for the required safety features and sign the building permit so that you may apply for an occupancy permit