Ipswich Community Development Plan


The Ipswich Community Development Plan was adopted by the Planning Board on July 24, 2003, as the planning strategy for the Town of Ipswich. The Board of Selectmen accepted the Plan on September 15, 2003 and on October 20, 2003 the Ipswich Special Town Meeting accepted both the Plan and a process for its implementation. The adopted implementation strategy contained 2 components:
  • A general bylaw requiring town boards and commissions to consider the Community Development Plan when making decisions relative to the Plan.
  • The establishment of the Community Development Plan Task Force to oversee the implementation of the Plan itself.


The focus of the Community Development Plan is mainly on 3 topics: Housing, Economic Development, and Transportation. A 4th important topic, open space, was addressed in detail in the town’s 2000 Green Ring Plan and in the 2000 Open space and Recreation Plan, and has been integrated with the other 3 elements into a comprehensive Land Use Guide Plan, which is part of Plan’s Executive Summary. Also integrated into the Plan is the Ipswich Town Character Statement, which was adopted by the Planning Board on September 2, 2004.

The Community Development Plan was developed under the guidance of the Town’s Growth Management Steering Committee and the Department of Planning Development. A team of consultants led by Daylor Consulting Group assisted the Steering Committee by helping to frame key issues and opportunities for public discussion, develop recommendations, and prepare reports, maps and graphics.


The Community Development Plan is not a static document. In the summer of 2007, recognizing the need to incorporate a more specific focus on resource efficiency and sustainability issues, the CDP Implementation Task Force convened to propose additions to the goals, policies and action steps included in this Plan.

These amendments were adopted by the Planning Board on March 27, 2008. At the time of the Board’s vote, The Ipswich Commission on Energy Use and Climate Protection draft baseline report, Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Inventory, Ipswich, Massachusetts, along with the subsequent recommendations that will emerge from the Commission’s analysis, were incorporated by reference into the Plan.