Open Space Properties

Through the inception of the Open Space Bond Program in early 2000, the town has protected nearly 900 acres of land in Ipswich. Many are open to the public for passive recreation, however not all. The projects that have been completed through the program include both fee owned land, which the town has permanent ownership and control of, as well as Conservation Restrictions and/or trail easements where the land is still privately owned, but some portion of the property is permanently restricted from development, and in some instances limited public access is allowed through an easement.

View the description of completed Open Space Bond projects here.

Properties & Trails

This trail map shows public trails in Ipswich, including those on town land, many of which were protected through the Open Space Bond. The town owns hundreds of acres of undeveloped open space with miles of passive, non-motorized recreational trails for walking, birding, cross country skiing, biking, horseback riding, etc for public enjoyment. Some of these trails connect to adjoining public and private properties, also with trail access.

The town owned lands listed below, many of which are under care, custody, and control of the Conservation Commission, are managed in conjunction with the Open Space Program. Parking is provided and trails are open to the public for passive recreational non-motorized trail use. All of these properties and trails are open only during daylight hours and motorized recreational vehicles of any kind are prohibited at all times unless required for handicapped access. For a complete list of regulations view Open Space Rules and Regulations. If you're fortunate enough to be a dog owner, take time to familiarize yourself with the importance of picking up after your dog and keeping it on leash every time you enjoy the outdoors together by reading this information.

Town Owned Lands

View information on these trails and public properties online.