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Explore Ipswich Open Space Properties

Getting outside offers many benefits for our physical and mental health, and Ipswich open space and conservation areas allow us to to appreciate the natural world, while experiencing the health benefits of being outdoors. The Town owns hundreds of acres of undeveloped open space with miles of passive, non-motorized recreational trails for walking, birding, cross country skiing, biking, horseback riding, etc for public enjoyment. Some of these trails connect to adjoining public and private properties, also with trail access. A brief narrative and trail maps are below of properties to visit. The public is encouraged to take advantage of these conserved properties by exploring them and finding solace in nature. If you can't get there in person, click on the Story Map or Virtual Tour links to the left for other ways to virtually experience Ipswich's natural wonders. Enjoy!

Important to Remember

  • Dogs are welcome on Town owned property trails, but must be leashed at all times and dog waste picked up and disposed of. Most Town properties have dog waste stations for your convenience. Familiarize yourself with the importance of picking up after your dog and keeping it on leash every time you enjoy the outdoors together by reading this information.
  • It’s always recommended to take a map, either paper or digital, when going out on the trails. There are lots of free trail apps you can download on your phone including, All trails, Gaia GPS and Hiking Project to name a few. This trail map is an overview map of all public trails and Town open space properties with trail access. Also stay on trails to avoid trespassing on private property and coming in contact with potentially poisonous plants and insects commonly found in Ipswich. 
  •  Open space properties and trails are open from sunrise to sunset and motorized recreational vehicles of any kind are prohibited unless required for handicapped access. For a complete list of regulations view Open Space Rules and Regulations.

Additional Property & Trails Information

This ArcGIS Story Map provides some additional detail of Town public access properties and displays all Ipswich public trails. Information can also be viewed on the Town of Ipswich Facilities webpage about trails and public access properties.

Properties Protected Through the Open Space Bond
Since the inception of the Open Space Bond Authorization the Town has protected nearly a thousand acres of land through acquiring fee ownership of properties, and/or through conservation restrictions placed on private property. Although public access is a component of many of the land protection projects through the Open Space Bond projects, not all properties have public access. The Town has spent $11,342,000 from the Bond, while securing an additional $11,736,660 in outside funding to permanently preserve some or all of these fifteen properties. There is currently $3,658,000 remaining in the Bond for future land protection projects. Read descriptions here of the completed Open Space Bond projects.