Shade Tree Beautification Committee

Regular Meetings

  • 6:30 p.m.
  • The 4th Wednesday of every month


  • Janet Taisey Craft, Chair (2024)
  • Pat Beirne, (2024)
  • Rick Clark, Director of Public Works
  • Paula Jones, (2024)
  • Charlotte Kahn, (2025)
  • Donna Carpenter, (2025)

  • Ann Wright, (2024)
  • Charles Surpitski, Select Board Representation (2024)
  • Fred Blum, (2023)
  • Barbara Monahan, (2025)
  • Mary-Ellen Dixon, (2025)
  • Diane Woodward, (2027)

About the Committee


The Ipswich Shade Tree and Beautification Committee is an entirely volunteer effort, made up of concerned Ipswich residents, landscape professionals, Garden Club members and 2 selectmen who recommend, recognize, and implement actions that beautify and enhance the town of Ipswich and its quality of life.

Committee Activities

Members will seek and monitor local business support for the planting and maintaining of roadway islands, promote appropriate planting areas and tree planting throughout the town as well as organize town-wide cleanups. The committee will work closely with the Town Manager, Department of Public Works, Planning Department, Forestry Department, Board of Selectmen, and Garden Clubs to achieve special initiatives.

New Info!  

The Select Board voted in support of a Native Plant Policy on August 30, 2023. This identifies and encourages the use of native plants with added information on invasive species.