Zoning Board of Appeals

Regular Meetings

  • Meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of every month (except December) Please view the most current posting of the ZBA agenda on the Town's webpage for the time and location of meetings.

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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For information on how to file a petition, please contact the Zoning Office: Zoning-Office Admin Support for the Board


  • Bob Gambale, Chair (2028)
  • Ben Fierro (2024)
  • Robert Clocker (2027)
  • Julia O'Leary (2026)
  • Haley Mosher (2025)


  • Erica Duda, Associate (2024)
  • Denise Cooper, Associate (2024)
  • Tama Donovan, Associate (2024)

Zoning Bylaw and the Zoning Board of Appeals

Ipswich land use is governed by the terms of its Protective Zoning Bylaw. The Bylaw is drafted by the Planning Board (subject to any petitioned amendments) and administered on a day-to-day basis by the Building Inspector/Zoning Enforcement Officer . (The Town Planner, will assist a property owner interested in exploring on a preliminary, conceptual basis, the development of property in Ipswich). Formal interpretation and enforcement of the zoning bylaw is within the purview of the Building Inspector/Zoning Enforcement Officer. Adverse decisions of the Building Inspector with respect to interpretation of the zoning bylaw may be appealed by any interested party to the Zoning Board of Appeals. Copies of the zoning bylaw are available at the Town Clerk's office for $10, or may be downloaded from the Town's web site.


     The ZBA acts on all matters within its jurisdiction as provided under MGL Chapter 40 A and the Ipswich Protective Zoning Bylaw. They are empowered to issue special permits and variances. Additionally, they are the local authority where someone who feels aggrieved may appeal an enforcement order issued by the Zoning Enforcement Officer specifically, when the order alleges a violation of the Ipswich Zoning Regulations, the Board can also overturn a ruling or decision of the Zoning Enforcement Officer.

Orders issued under the Massachusetts Building Code (780 CMR) may be appealed to a different board (State Building Code Appeals Board). Additionally, the Board considers applications under the Comprehensive Permit Statute (MGL c.40B). 

Mission Statement      

      As provided under MGL Chapter 40 A and the Ipswich Protective Zoning Bylaw, the Zoning Board of Appeals acts on all matters within its jurisdiction, which are special permit applications for non-conforming uses and structures; appeals from decisions of the Building Inspector; petitions for variances from the Zoning Bylaw; and applications under the Comprehensive Permit Statute (MGL c40B).

     To accomplish this Mission, the Board of Appeals must be vigilant in its efforts to be informed, objective, ethical, and non-political. The Board must deliberate its public hearings lawfully and make decisions in a deliberate and respectful manner.

     To this end, the Board must strive to be impartial, yet responsive to concerns of the residence and to educate the public whenever possible, by explaining the Protective Zoning Bylaw, pertaining to the decision rendered.

  About the Board

     The Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) is a five-member adjudicatory board, appointed by the Select Board to serve a 5-year term. The ZBA also has three associate members who serve one-year terms and may sit on the board, as designated by the chairman, in case of absence, inability to act or conflict of interest on the part of any member, or in the event of a vacancy.

Citizens Request for Appointment or Re-Appointment to a Board or Committee 

Fill our the application form on the town's webpage and emailed to the town manager's office.

For more information about the Board or about information on this page, please contact Administrative Assistant, Marie Rodgers at

marier@ipswichma.gov or 978-356-6672.