Licenses & Permits

The following licenses and permits are available in the Board of Selectmen's office. License and Permit Fee Schedule

Questions regarding any of the applications below can be directed to Leah Niska .
  1. Alcohol Beverages

Temporary Extension of Premises: Outdoor Dining

On June 1, 2020 Governor Baker issued an Order with details related to granting Local Licensing Authorities (LLA) the ability to approve temporary alterations of annual alcohol licensees' premises for outdoor seating


Phase II of restaurant service resumes, expected June 8th.

Application for a One Day Liquor License


One day licenses are issued by the Select Board, the town's Local Licensing Authority.  Licenses are approved at bi-monthly Select Board meetings after Police, Fire and Public Health review and approve.  The Select Board meet the first and third Monday of every month and can review and approve license applications at these public meetings.

Before completing the Application for a One Day Liquor License please review the One Day Liquor License Rules & Regulations.  

See list of Wholesale Liquor Providers or click on the link below and use Wholesaler under License Type.


  1. Banner Applications
  1. Street & Sidewalk Blocking App