Help for Homeowners

Need repairs?

If you are a low or moderate-income homeowner and need help paying for necessary repairs, you may be able to take advantage of a zero-interest loan.  There are no monthly payments and some of these loans are potentially forgivable.  For more information, please click below:

Have room for an accessory apartment in your home?

If you have enough space in your home to create a separate apartment, you could increase your income through the rent you could charge.  It's permissible to create such an additional dwelling unit if it will be occupied by either a family member or a low or moderate-income person(s).  The Planning Board must approve a change like this.

Is there an under-utilized accessory building--e.g. a barn, carriage house, or garage--on your property?

With the proper permits, you may be able to renovate an accessory building into a habitable space that can be occupied by a family member or a low or moderate-income person(s).  This could generate additional income for you, as long as the rent remains below the mandated limits.