Current Projects


* The Planning Office will be updating these documents as new plans come in from the applicants. Please feel free to call the planning staff with any questions: 978-356-6607.

57 and 59 Mitchell Road
57 and 59 Mitchell Rd Site Review Plan Application 030921
57 and 59 Mitchell Rd Plan Set 030921
57 and 59 Mitchell Rd watershed plan 030921

126-128 High St
126-128 High St - supplemental plans 042921
126-128 High St - supplemental docs (stormwater response) 042921
126-128 High St - applicant response to stormwater peer review 041921
126-128 High Landscaping Plan 041621
126-128 High Arch plans 041921
126-128 High St Layout Rev 3 041621

126-128 High stormwater peer review Puff 040821
128 High St Architectural plans 032521
128 High St Color Planting Plan 032521
128 High St Plant photos 032521
128 High St Plant List 032521
126-128 High Revised plans 032321
126-128 High Revised docs, waivers, and stormwater management plan 032321
126-128 High Watershed plans 032321
126-128 High color drawing 031921 

New England Biolabs (240 County Road) - Child Care Center
2021-04-16 NEB Helioscope 127kW (Res)
2021-04-16 NEB Shading Report 127 kW (Res)
2021-04-14_NEB Arch Elevations_Stamped
2021-04-14_NEB Biolabs Childcenter_Civil SET_ss
2021-04-14_NEB Offshoots-Planting Sheets-Stamped
2021-04-14_NEB StormH20 Analysis_Biolabs 3877
2021-04-14_NEB Response Letter
2021-4-15 NEB_Exterior Lights_Markup
2021-4-22_L-Playspace Plan-NEB-Stamped
NE Biolabs Stormwater Peer Review Memo 032421
NE Biolabs Childcare Site Plan Review Application for 031121 PB Meeting
NE Biolabs Childcare presentation 031121
NE Biolabs Record Conditions Plan 021821 
NE Biolabs Stormwater Analysis and Calc 021821
NE Biolabs Stormwater Repor 021821

108 Central St
108 Central Site Plan 032621
108 Central A-1 Elevations 032621
108 Central A-2 Elevations 032621
108 Central 1st floor plan 030821
108 Central elevations 030821
108 Central Model 1 030821
108 Central Model 2 030821
108 Central Model 3 030821
108 Central Model 4 030821
108 Central Proposal 021821
108 Central St proposed project presentation 012821 
108 Central St Elevations 012721
108 Central St Site Plan 012721

108 Central Comment Letters
108 Central St Umile 011121 
108 Central Looby 032821

87 High St - Planning Board materials
87 High St Elevations 033121
87 High St Addendum 030421
87 High St Special Permit application 021621
87 High St Stormwater report 021621
87 High St - Architectural Preservation District Commission materials

Housing Production Plan
A Housing Production Plan (HPP) is a community's proactive strategy for planning and developing affordable housing. In February, 2020, the Town of Ipswich kicked off a process to develop a new five-year HPP, working with consultants JM Goldson, LLC. Please find more information here: . An active HPP will enable the Town to meet its affordable housing needs in a manner consistent with the Chapter 40B statute and regulation. More information about the State's Housing Production Plans can be found here:

Community Development Plan Update, 2020-2035
Under the direction of the Planning Board, Department of Planning and Community Development, and the Community Development Plan Steering Committee, the Town is updating its 2003 Community Development Plan. Visit the Ipswich Community Development Plan Link to the left for more information.

173-178 Linebrook Road Open Space Preservation Zoning Development (for detailed information please contact the Planning Department)
Approved Site Plans Phases 2 and 3

Ipswich Mills Dam Removal Feasibility Study
The Town of Ipswich has been working with the Ipswich River Watershed Association and other partners to explore the feasibility of removing the Ipswich Mills Dam located at the head of tide in downtown Ipswich. For more information about the project, read documents below or visit:

Dam Removal Feasibility Study Final Report
Two videos about the project: (2016) (2020)