Living with Wildlife

Due to higher human population and the continuing development of land wildlife is forced into urban and suburban locations creating higher instances of conflicts with wildlife. The Town of Ipswich has many types of wildlife ranging from raccoons to fisher cats, foxes to coyotes, it is of the utmost importance humans are aware of their presence and educated in ways to prevent conflicts. The only long term solution to resolve conflicts is to take preventative steps 
and alter human behaviors. 
The Eastern Coyote is a legally protected fur bearer and game mammal, there are statutory laws and regulations dictating how and when a coyote can be removed. Due to these statutory laws and regulations trapping and releasing an animal is not an option, the only removal solution is lethal removal. Coyotes cannot be removed simply because of their presence, there are certain instances where an animal can be removed, however; as humans it our goal should be to prevent these instances through awareness and education. For more information on the Eastern Coyote click coyote 101    
The most notable fact is if you are feeding any type of prey animal (birds, small mammals, deer) you are in turn involuntarily feeding and attracting predators as well. The feeding of any wildlife is highly discouraged, if you must have bird feeders they should be suspended by wire or similar and the area underneath should be kept free and clear of debris.
 Are my pets safe ?  Your pets are as safe as you make them. We urge all residents to keep their cats indoors and to leash and or supervise pets when in the yard. We DO have a leash law, keeping your pets leashed up, supervised and unable to engage with wildlife is key to their safety!
Important Facts:
Coyote activity during the day is not indicative of disease.
-Coyotes have the ability to “throw” their voices, meaning two coyotes can sound like six.
-Coyotes howling and yipping is not always indicative to hunting, killing, or feeding, coyotes howl and yip as communication to each other, and may react to loud noises such as sirens. 
-Coyotes display similar behavior of dogs, coyotes are intelligent animals; they will not put their health or life at risk unless they are forced to do so. 
    -they may play bow, or entice a dog into playing, luring the dog away from their den or puppies.
    -display threatening behavior such as a hunched back, low head, and teeth showing, as a warning to dogs to back off and leave their territory. Should the dog not heed the warning the coyote my nip at the dogs haunches, the escalation of the situation is dependent on the dogs respect for warnings.
 Animal Control 978-356-6652
Police Dispatch: 978-356-4343
Massachusetts Environmental Police: 800-632-8075