Solar PV

Solar PV Interconnection & Incentives

ELD customers interested in pursuing solar interconnection should review the ELD's Solar Interconnection Process & Application document.

Please be aware, those pursuing the ELD's current incentive of $0.30/watt, up to $3,000, should consider the ELD’s requirements for Interconnection, which are detailed in our Distributed Generation Net Metering Policy, and the requirements for the incentive program. The following bullets highlight some of the most notable requirements for each of those programs. Customers and their installers should still review the above documentation as this list is not all-inclusive.

ELD’s Requirements for Solar PV Interconnection
  • System Size limited to 10kW (DC) for residential customers and 30 kW (DC) for commercial customers.
  • Expected production cannot exceed 90% of average load determined by most recent 12 months of billing history. Where the most recent 12 months of billing history does not reflect average load because building was unoccupied or because load is expected to increase (i.e. due to purchase of EV or installation of heat pump), a proforma load estimate completed by a certified electrician may be submitted.
  • Additional requirements detailed in the ELD’s Distributed Generation Net Metering Policy and the attached guidance document
Requirements for the current Solar Incentive
  • Have a capacity of 25 kW DC or less.
  • Have no more than 20% reduction in output due to shading.
  • Have an azimuth between 90 (east) and 270 (west) degrees.
  • Incentive is contingent upon the retirement of the Massachusetts Class 1 RECs.
Please direct completed application packages as well as solar interconnection inquiries to