Water System Master Plan

The Ipswich Water Department is in the process of preparing a Water System Master Plan to provide a long-term vision for capital improvements. While various upgrades have been made to the water system over the years, significant expenditures will be necessary in the future to maintain and improve system performance. The Master Plan is being developed in two phases: Water Demand and Supply Evaluation and Infrastructure Assessment.

Phase I: Water Demand and Supply Evaluation

In 2017, the Ipswich Water Department selected AECOM to perform a Water Demand and Supply Evaluation to investigate opportunities for increasing the available water supply and improving drought resiliency in the Town of Ipswich. The scope of this evaluation includes: current supply sources, potential new sources, current and historical water demands, projected future water demands, estimated safe yield of Dow Brook and Bull Brook Reservoirs, and recommendations for new or expanded supply sources. The Water Department worked closely with AECOM to complete this evaluation in early 2019.

Refer to the "Related Documents" below for the final report with recommended alternatives.

Phase II: Infrastructure Assessment

Following the completion of the Water Demand and Supply Evaluation, the Ipswich Water Department plans to conduct an inventory and assessment of the water system infrastructure. This assessment will help establish the criticality of assets by rating the likelihood of failure and the consequence of that failure.

Results from the Water Demand and Supply Evaluation and Infrastructure Assessment will be compiled and prioritized for future capital improvement plans.

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