Water Use Mitigation Program

In order to ensure the availability of water for residential, commercial, and other purposes, for present as well as for future use in the Town of Ipswich, it is necessary that water usage be managed to the best extent practicable.

The following Interim Water Use Mitigation Program (WUMP) is implemented by the Water Commissioners to mitigate water demand of new developments to minimize impacts to the water system.  The funds collected through this program will fund water saving projects to enable the public water system to meet the additional demand.   

This program is to be updated in Spring 2021 to work cooperatively with a Water Use Mitigation Bylaw to be developed for approval at the 2021 Annual Town Meeting.  The goal of the two initiatives is to reduce the impact new growth and development have on the public water system by minimizing and encouraging efficient water use and to fund improvements to the public water system to increase capacity without increasing withdrawals from surface and groundwater resources that are already stressed.

Interim Water Use Mitigation Program