Linebrook Woods Conservation Area

275 Linebrook Road - Town owned

- Located to the west of Marini Farms

- Parking available on the south side of Linebrook Road in the Willowdale State Forest parking area

- Trail located across Linebrook Road from the parking area, and begins alongside the agricultural fields

- Relatively flat trail with wooden boardwalks crossing streams

- The property boundary is at the half-mile mark

- Trail users may continue north along the Bay Circuit Trail or return to the parking area, which leads to the trails of Willowdale State Forest to the south.


Important note: The first portion of the trail along the agricultural fields may be wet and mucky during the spring time as the farm is preparing to plant the field. Wear appropriate footwear and watch your step through the first stretch of the trail.

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More information:

You may want to stay closer to the pond side of the route. The trail is part of the most northern section of the Bay Circuit Trail located in Ipswich before it connects to Rowley in the north. Constructed by Ipswich Bay Circuit Trail committee volunteers in 2006, the trial contains wooden boardwalks that go over streams crossing the route. The land itself is relatively flat. The property boundary with the Ipswich Country Club, just past the third boardwalk crossing, is approximately a half mile north from the parking area. Trail users choosing to continue exploring may continue north along the Bay Circuit Trail and connect to the trail network around the Town’s reservoir lands. Individuals may also return to the parking area and continue south into the trails of Willowdale State Forest.

Please refer to the following: 

Linebrook Woods Conservation Area Trail Map