Whipple House Meadow


75 S. Main Street - Privately owned

- Small park located behind the historic 1677 Whipple House

- Owned by the Ipswich Museum

- Public trail that winds through the meadow and around the pond

- Trail continues south along the river to the South Side Cemetery on County Street

- Conservation restriction held by the Town on property prevents future development

- Parking is available at two locations:

- Elm Street Lot off of South Main Street adjacent to Ipswich Museum Heard House headquarters at 54 So. Main Street

- South Village Green at the South Side Cemetery located at 75 County Road

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More information:

 The Whipple House meadow offers a small park and public trail open to the public that provides a beautiful view of the Ipswich River. The meadow has been undergoing a long-term restoration process during which invasive species are eliminated and replaced with local natives. Educational and informational signage have been installed around the site. Ipswich’s Conservation Commission has enacted a conservation restriction on a portion of the property, protecting it from development in the future.