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Emergency Management

  1. Amateur Radio Survey

    Volunteers are needed with Amateur Radio experience. Please fill out the survey.


  1. Police Station Tours

    Tour the Police Station with a full time officer as a guide. This tour will give you a better understanding of our public safety... More…

  1. Send a Bullying/Cyber Bullying Tip

    This tip line was created to help the Police Department identify victims of bullying.

Public Works

  1. Town of Ipswich Current Adopt-an-Island Program Application

    This program is design for businesses and residents to adopt a traffic island for the purpose of maintaining the vegetation in an... More…


  1. Flag Football Online Registration 2015

    Ipswich Flag Football League Saturday Night Lights at Bialek Park Sept 19 - Nov 14 2015 $50 per player Checks made payable to "Town... More…

  1. Ipswich Recreation Suggestion Box

    In an effort to best serve our community, we welcome your ideas and feedback.

Select Board

  1. Application for Street or Sidewalk Blocking

    Completed applications are reviewed and approved at Select Board Meetings the first and third Monday of every month or on the Tuesday... More…

  2. Citizens Request for Appointment or Re-Appointment to a Board or Committee

    Complete this form to request to be appointed to a board or committee or to request re-appointment. This form must be completed for... More…

  3. Workers' Compensation Insurance Affidavit: General Businesses
  1. Banner Application
  2. One Day Application for License to Sell Alcoholic Beverages

    Special or “one day” licenses for the sale of alcoholic beverages are available to the responsible manager of any indoor or outdoor... More…

Town Clerk

  1. Meeting Notice

    2020 Thanksgiving Holiday Schedule Open Meeting Notice Town Hall holiday closure will require advanced agenda submissions to the Town... More…

  1. Workers' Compensation Insurance Affidavit: General Businesses


  1. 2024- Air Source Heat Pump Rebate Application

    Air Source Heat Pump Rebate Application Form

  2. 2024- Electric Vehicle Charging Station Incentive

    Electric Vehicle Charging Station Rebate

  3. 2024- Energy Star Appliance Rebate

    Energy Star Appliance Rebate Form

  4. 2024- Residential Battery

    Residential Battery

  5. 2024- WaterSense Product Rebate

    WaterSense Product Rebate Form

  6. Update Contact Information

    Update Contact Information for new owners, or customers that need to update their information due to change in mailing address, phone... More…

  7. Water Forum Questions & Feedback

    Online form for attendees of the 2019 Water Forum to submit questions and feedback.

  1. 2024- Electric Bike

    Class I and II E-Bike Rebate

  2. 2024- Electric Yard Equipment Rebate

    Electric Yard Equipment Rebate Form

  3. 2024- Ground Source Heat Pump Rebate Application

    Ground Source Heat Pump Rebate Application Form

  4. 2024- Thermostat

    Wi-Fi and Programmable Thermostat Rebate Form

  5. 2024- Weatherization Services Incentive

    Weatherization Services Incentive Form

  6. Utilities Contact Form